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How To Videos

Share your solution with your clients by creating an animated explainer videos whether it’s about your mobile app or product. Educate your clients to get the most from your services in the best way possible. We create slideshow and marketing videos by working with you to built a content to engage your audience.

Intro Videos

You need to get your business noticed to connect with your clients? We’re here to tell your business story from A to Z. We create moments that connects with your clients! We work with you to find a story to produce a short film to create a first impression can last a lifetime.  

Product Videos

Introduce your business services to the world by creating a short ad. We’re here to work with you to bring your story into people’s lives starting from creation to distribution. There’s no better way than an ad to communicate with your clients.

Creative Videos

Web Videos

Training Videos

Social Videos

Broadcast Videos

Sales Videos

Overview Videos

Demonstration Videos

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Why Our Video Production Company?

Video has become the best marketing content in today's world. You can see them everywhere- in social media, blog sites, business websites and of course, in YouTube. Companies who wish to stay relevant and continue to engage their audiences should think video in terms of social media marketing. Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter. These are the four biggest video platforms you should consider when you're developing marketing campaigns, no matter what you sell or what your business does. Video content has had a major shift in distribution- Facebook is now getting more daily video views than YouTube. Snapchat's videos now number in billions. Twitter has begun improving 1-on-1 branding and video content on their platform. Hiring a capable video production Toronto is just the first step towards success. Corporate video production may be hard to grasp at first, but hear us out a little here. Nowadays it's much more easier to hire film production companies Toronto than to make up your own marketing video content. We lay down what you need to know about video in each of the 4 major social media platforms mentioned above:

About Rosaline Digital Marketing

Rosaline plans and executes cost-effective and high-performing internet marketing campaigns that build brand reputation, foster higher consumer engagement, and transform more website visitors into your paying customers. Our team combines expertise in digital marketing with creative approaches to public relations. So Rosaline can put our unique skills to help clients establish and grow your businesses in this intensely competitive global marketplace.

Our Video Production Company Process


Marketing Strategy

Strategic planning

Creative brief

Production needs

Concept quoting


Creative thinking

Story development

Script Writing

Art Direction

Production crew

Talent casting

Location Scouting


Location Scouting


Video direction


Set Lighting

Set design

Sound design

Hair & Makeup



Color correction

Sound mixing


Motion Graphics & Animation

voice overs



Video distribution

Video marketing

Campaign promotion

Sales Plans

Media Buying


Happy Thoughts From Our Clients

My business was hitting a lot of walls recently. I work from home and in coffee shops, pretty much all on short-term contracts. So I don’t exactly have the deepest pockets. I have to spend just as much time looking for clients as working with the ones I have. Rosaline’s rates were affordable for me and fair, and they had new clients finding me on their own soon after I hired them.

I’ve dealt with other marketing firms to help promote my non-profit work, and I often feel treated like an afterthought because I’m not a “big money client.” Not with Rosaline. I’ve never dealt with a digital marketing company whose people are so dedicated to clients no matter who they are. Seeing Rosaline’s non-profit work in the community was so inspirational as well. They’re unlike any marketing company I’ve ever seen.

I’m a simple guy who runs a small business. I don’t really know the technical details of how SEO works and I frankly don’t care. But Rosaline Digital Marketing was able to meet my needs without confusing the hell out of me, thanks to their very straightforward blend of high-concept SEO and good old fashioned public relations marketing techniques. It all just worked for me. 

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YouTube: The Granddaddy Of Online Video


There's no denying the fact that YouTube is the platform that started it all. It's huge and it's not going anywhere anytime soon! The available video content is staggering, with more than 300 hours of video being introduced by the minute. You can find great videos about absolutely anything and everything. Companies, businesses and organizations can successfully build up their brand here with the help of good Toronto production companies.


YouTube is great because it's a massive video platform, but that also presents a downside. Competition is at an all-time high, and there's so much noise that it's hard to break through them all to get your audiences' attention. It also has a somewhat static capability, one that has been surpassed by the more versatile social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, etc.


Aside from video, data is one more vital element that leads to online success. And Facebook is a leader in that aspect.


Facebook Videos: Personal, Versatile and Shareable


Businesses have begun to notice the potential of Facebook when it comes to reaching out to their audiences. Video has become more responsive and better than ever, thanks to a direct response capability and the advent of sales and product videos. This social media giant also has something that other platforms don't- huge amounts of data that's a treasure trove for serious marketers!


When you hire production companies Toronto to create compelling YouTube videos, why not have it optimized for uploading on Facebook as well? This way you can reach out to more audiences and become more relevant than ever.


Video shouldn't be an afterthought on Facebook. So when you post that video on YouTube, you shouldn't just copy the link and paste it on your status update. You should upload it directly to your Facebook account so that it becomes a part of your Facebook page. Facebook is expanding their reach, and video is becoming the king of content distribution. Uploading videos natively will get you a higher "reach" and a chance to get more audiences.


Facebook is a very versatile marketing platform in 3 ways. You as a business can reach out to different types of audiences, a capability that YouTube and the others don't have. You can pay for sponsored videos to reach out to people who drink coffee, those who drink coffee in your area, and those who want to try a new coffee brand. This laser-like targeting is specific and it doesn't waste anyone's time. You're reaching out to people who may be genuinely interested in your product.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. Facebook is still improving- look at their recent video features such as web conversions, embedding options and view count for video. It should be on top of your marketing priority list.

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Twitter Videos: Engaging and Real


Twitter videos are very social in nature in that they are best for connecting with your audience rather than pushing products. This social media platform is also growing in that businesses can send out tweets that get more attention than before. People are now paying more attention and they are becoming more serious about the content they consume. Engagement means that you'll still have to create compelling videos, but this is what production companies Toronto do best.


Brands should look at Twitter videos as a means to "pull" and not "push". Engagement is the name of the game.


Social media sites are all about interaction. We are ecstatic when one celebrity reads your tweet and favorites it. We feel good when someone we look up to likes a photo on our Instagram account. This type of interaction only takes 6 to 10 seconds max, but it means so much to the recipient. Twitter is tapping on the same feeling with the introduction of their new video feature.


Now, you can reply to a tweet by turning on the camera setting, selecting video, and start expressing what you think. It takes a maximum of 15 seconds to reply using video, but you get a deeper layer of interaction. It's all about seeing more than reading content nowadays. It's more personal, and it gives people more time.


Snapchat Videos: All About Attention


Snapchat has become so huge that everyone is getting on the bandwagon. Which means your business should, too!


There are approximately 2 billion videos viewed per day on Snapchat.


Videos can be enhanced by drawing on top of it. And let's not forget the sense of urgency it can bring. You see, users can send out videos that live for a maximum 24 hours before being deleted forever. It's exciting and instantly appealing. New features such as Discover are making marketers sit up and pay attention. Big brands such as ESPN, National Geographic, Vice are now seeing the potential of Snapchat. Isn't it time your business does the same?

Video Is The Future


Video is currently king when it comes to attracting and engaging your audiences' attention. It's certainly a wise business decision to hire a good video production company that understands your brand and knows how to create your video in the best possible light. Video production isn't simply about pressing the record button- take the time to think about what your audience wants and which ones will move your company in the right direction!