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Web Design Mississauga Company Process:

What is Web Design?

There is more going on than text and images display when you open a website. Web designers are required to turn a blank canvas into an interactive website. Required knowledge includes:

  • graphic design
  • user interface design (UI)
  • authoring of standardized code
  • user experience design
  • search engine optimization (SEO)

A website designer uses these skills and work on the client side, also known as the front end of the website. A small amount of web engineering design knowledge is expected. In most cases, you will be working with a team of designers, and a knowledge of web accessibility guidelines is required.


What are the Critical Tools and Technologies?

Web designers connect their skills and tools during the production process to create a finished product. Advances in technology require Toronto web design to include updated versions of the latest tools to meet new design standards. Common tools used are:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Markup validators
  • Website usability
  • Website accessibility

Web designers will use both vector and raster graphic editors to create web-friendly images and prototypes. A solid knowledge of specific, generally accepted industry graphic editors is essential.


What are the Specific Skills and Techniques?


Marketing, simply defined, defines how you are going to get your message delivered to your target audience. Advertising and marketing are both required to effectively communicate the message through design.

A target audience is defined by specific criteria and used to promote interest in the website’s product. A web developer in Mississauga knows that developing a website selling boats to people in Mississauga will include factors such as income, age, and gender to define the target audience. A keen familiarity with the people of Mississauga will go a long way in identifying the most likely customers. Customers can be individuals or businesses, so a knowledge of B2B (business to business) marketing is necessary. Not only must the group of people you are selling to be considered, but whether the message presented in the website will interest the group. How a SEO company in Mississauga designs a website can be the difference between success and failure.



This is the heart of the article, and what is often misunderstood is that there are two types of web design – user experience and interactive. Like everything else in web design, there is a significant amount of interconnectivity. But it is all about the user, the person who visits the website.

When talking about user experience, what is important is how the user understands the workings of the website. The clearer it is to the user how to navigate the website based on the layout, instructions provided, and how the different elements are labeled, the higher the level of user understanding. The more they understand how to navigate the website, the more likely it is they will stay on the website and return to it later. Two terms to understand and include in your knowledge of web design are ease of use and universal user experience. Both terms can be understood by remembering that a website’s design should have a number of features in common with other, perhaps the most popular, websites. A quality website design in Mississauga will take these various risks and reward factors into account.


Page Layout

Page layout is critical, as it can make the user experience easy or it can turn a user away from the website altogether. Consistency is a basic web design principle, so the viewer knows what to expect while moving through the website. A number of other factors, including text size and element alignment, are essential considerations. For the purposes of consistency, most websites will have a page size that matches:

  • the most popular browser window sizes
  • the most popular screen resolutions
  • the most popular monitor sizes

Aligning the web page to the center of the screen is virtually a universal standard. Also, a generous amount of white space, or negative space, is highly recommended when displaying text to make the web page easier to read.

The concept of Responsive Web Design is based on CSS3 and basically is a more detailed approach to fluid layouts by allowing a deeper level of flexibility to the placement of items on a screen. This is especially useful for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. A website design in Oakville should be able to be as readable on a laptop as on a smartphone.



Typography is simply the font sizes and styles that appear on a user’s display. Limiting the number of font styles and sizes makes it easier for the user to read and makes web design much easier and uniform throughout the website. Fonts can now be downloaded in the CSS3 fonts module, allowing custom fonts to be displayed on the Safari 3.1, Mozilla Firefox 3.5, and Opera 10 web browsers, adding another layer of web design for Oakville web developers.


Motion graphics

Animations, or motion graphics, are commonly found on may websites, but their use has to be carefully assessed. Animations are generally considered to be entertainment, not informational, so using them will be a matter of deciding whether they are the best choice for your target audience. Many times the question is whether the presence of animations attracts users to the content or distracts them from viewing the content. A World Wide Web (WWW) standard is that browsers be able to disable animation graphics to prevent page loading issues.


Code Quality

The measurement of code quality is a combination of user readability and web page execution. This involves both the technical and aesthetic skills a quality graphic design in Mississauga requires to be acceptable to a potential customer. Errors which occur during the execution of code, regardless if the code is basic or advanced, causes problems both for the user and for the business. DOCTYPE, which is a declaration made at the beginning of a section of code, highlights errors that will cause the web page script to stop executing. Error codes are provided to assist the coder in fixing the errors, and quality code will be error-free.


Dynamic and Static Generated Content

Content that is sent over the Web to a user’s device is called static if the content is sent as a single page every time it is requested, without modification. The entire content of what is sent to the user is created once at the source, stored in a single file, and sent upon request.

This approach has its own set of benefits. One is that such websites are easier to host since nothing more is required by the server than to send a page. This is also a more secure way of sending content since there are no server-side scripts being executed. Speed is also a significant consideration. However, advances in technology have reduced the benefits of static generated content as high performance servers and low cost hosting services that offer dynamic content features gave businesses a practical alternative.

It is important to note that static web content is still very much a factor in website design and web development. Elements such as images and stylesheets will remain static, even on the most highly dynamic web pages.

In contrast, there are websites that use dynamic generated content. The content is stored in a number of databases and then assembled using a server-side script, which is then sent to the user. Data charts that present constantly changing information is one simple example of how dynamically generated content can benefit both the business and the user. Document-based storage can be done using databases such as MongoDB and NoSQL, extracting larger sections of text for Wikis or other content that displays large amounts of text.

Earlier, the concept of mockup was mentioned as an essential skill. In the creation of dynamic web design in Mississauga, web designers will be required to mock up or wireframe the dynamic pages by assembling a series of static pages. Because there are a wide number of skill sets required to competently create the dynamic content, teams that include both web designers and web engineers are normally assigned to develop the website.

The actual code that is used to create the server-side scripts has evolved over the years. Initial efforts used coding languages such as Perl, PHP and ASP. PHP and ASP distinguished themselves by using a template approach, basically taking a static page and then plugging in the content as needed before sending it to the user. This was faster, and used what are called tags to identify the content.

Today, content management systems do a far more effective job and are placed on top of general purpose coding platforms. Instead of performing dynamic content creation apart from an application, it becomes an integral part of the application execution. The result is very simple creation of dynamic content without the need for coding. Web design in Brampton can be accomplished using any of the above choices, so deciding which is best is a decision for the web designer.


Designing the Homepage

The value of the homepage on a website has been debated for more than a decade. Some say it remains the most important page on a website, while analysis of user experiences show that often users bypass the homepage and go directly to the content. Some researchers maintained that the homepage has gone from the most important page on a website to the least important.

For the purposes of web design in Hamilton and elsewhere, a web designer should implement modern tools to increase the visibility of the website’s homepage. Using modern tools such as carousels and sliders have the potential to draw users to the home page. But because these elements are visual in nature, their presence can negatively impact a website’s page rank.